As the brains behind the farming operation, Kendall and Jonathan spend their time planting, harvesting, and testing new ideas. They are passionate about the sustainable farming methods laid out in the Bible and teaching others how to replicate their model - on any given day, you might find them arranging flowers in the barn or leading workshops in the Philippines. Kendall and Jonathan have found that farming stirs their affections for Jesus Christ, and it is for His glory that they strive for excellence in the work they do.



Mars Hill Farm was born in Trevor and Julie's imagination in 2015 as a way to provide refugees with a place to grow their own food and find familiarity amid the bewildering chaos of the city. They made this a reality with the first set of refugee gardens and structures on the property. The farm is located on Mars Road, so they named it Mars Hill, after the spot in first-century Athens devoted to religious conversations. Refugees come to Dallas from different countries and have different religions, but Trevor and Julie’s prayer is that, like the Greeks in Acts 17, they hear of the one true God and how they can be reconciled to him through His Son.



Julia and Blake joined Mars Hill Farm in 2018 while searching for land for their own farm with a similar vision - to love refugees with the love of Christ by providing them with fulfilling, familiar work. They are responsible for forming connections between Dallas consumers and the refugee community, exploring ways to meet the needs of both. They also run the sales and marketing arm of the farm.